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SISMA has reached a milestone with its innovation in industry by revolutionising traditional production techniques and overcoming the limitations of investment casting and machining. Half a century of experience combined with specific know-how in the laser sector has produced MYSINT100, an innovative machine for Laser Metal Fusion designed to meet the needs of industrial companies by simplifying and shortening the entire object creation process, in this way optimising production.



TECHNICAL DATA – mysint100 (RM version)
Effective cylinder volume ø 100×100 mm
Laser source Fiber Laser 200 W
Precision optics Quartz F-Theta Lense
Laser spot diameter 55 чm
Typical layer thickness (adjustable) 20-40 чm
Power supply 220-240 V 1ph – 50/60 Hz
Max power absorbed 1,53 kW
Oxigen concentration <100ppm
Inert gas supply Nitrogen, Argon
Inert gas consumption <0,3 l/min @ 0,5% Oxygen
Noise <70 dB
Door Glove box
Filter unit Removable
Machine dimensions 1390x777x1600 mm (LxWxH)
Net weight 650 Kg
MATERIALS Precious metals, Bronze, Cobalt Chrome, stainless Steel, Maraging Steel, Nickel alloys, Aluminium, Titanium
OPTIONS Finer laser spot (30 чm), Interchangeable cylinders


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